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Knight’s Baby Training (PTY) Ltd is the holding company for the patented Baby Throne and the patented Grand Throne.

Developed by Zoe Durbach MSc MBA, scientist and engineer. All designs and trademarks are registered to Knight’s Baby Training (PTY) Ltd.

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Our Products

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Baby Throne Logo
Baby Throne Seat

The 2-Tone Baby Throne is made from PP recyclable plastic with a warm rubber for comfort. All materials are recyclable and food-grade.

The new colourful purple material is warm against your baby’s skin.

We have also used less material so the 2-Tone is lighter and more cost effective.

Grand Throne Logo

Our latest design from toddler to adult, The Grand Throne is the next generation Throne to help injured, frail or convalescing adults on and off the toilet with a gentle lifting mechanism.

Keeping our loved ones independent and happy. It is very comfortable, safe and easy to use and clean.

Grand Throne Uses